Privacy Policy

Data Privay Policy

PAKAZCHAM makes use of personal data for the aim of providing its services. The privacy policy of PAKAZCHAM is set in compliance with applicable laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereafter GDPR). The treatment of personal data, including their transfer, follows the rules set up in this Regulation. In particular, the communication of personal data of our Members to third parties is possible only upon consent or under the cases strictly disciplined by the mentioned Regulation.

Controller's Identity

PAKAZCHAM, a public association, is responsible for the processing of Your Data.

Types Of Data Subjects And Personal Data Processed

PAKAZCHAM primarily processes the identification and contact-related information of natural persons with links to companies affiliated with PAKAZCHAM (executives, contact persons, etc.)

  • of natural persons with links to unaffiliated companies (executives, contact persons, etc.) or public entities
  • of natural persons with links to its service providers
  • of other natural persons that have requested access to the services offered by

PAKAZCHAM (conferences, assistance starting up a business, subscription to the newsletter or to the notices of calls for tender, etc.)
In addition, it has cause to process information related to professional qualifications as part of its entrepreneurship assistance activities (the CVs of entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and expert trainers).
PAKAZCHAM also processes the images and, exceptionally, sensitive data (allergies or dietary requirements) of people who attend the events and economic missions it organises. In all cases, PAKAZCHAM is committed to observing the data minimisation principle and ensures that only appropriate and relevant data are processed as required for the purposes defined.

Sources Of Personal Data Processed

PAKAZCHAM either collects Your Data directly from you or indirectly from third parties.

Processing Basis and Purposes

The processing of Your Data is based on:

  •  The fact that their processing is required for PAKAZCHAM to fulfil its public interest missions (promotion of a legislative and regulatory framework favourable to economic development, promotion of international economic and trade relations, development and promotion of vocational training, conduct of studies and analyses on trade, industry and finance, etc.)
  •  Or the fact that their processing is required for PAKAZCHAM’s legitimate interests (communication regarding events it is organising, etc.)
  •  Or the fact that their processing is required to comply with any of PAKAZCHAM’s legal obligations (various correspondence and communication aimed at natural persons at affiliated or unaffiliated companies (executives, contact persons, etc.), public authorities, federations, etc.)
  •  Or the fact that their processing is required for the application of any agreements concluded with PAKAZCHAM that you are a party to
  •  Or your consent (subscription to PAKAZCHAM’s newsletter, etc.).

Transfer of your Data

Your Data are processed internally by duly authorised people, in accordance with their respective responsibilities.
For the aforementioned purposes, PAKAZCHAM may transfer Your Data to:

  • Its institutional partners (employer unions, ministries, public sector bodies, embassies, trade organisations) or non-institutional partners (businesses, training organisations, service providers) particularly for the joint organisation of events (economic missions, conferences, etc.);
  • Its service providers for the sending of newsletters and other publications;
  • Its subcontractors that process data on its behalf.

Your Rights

You have a right to access Your Data, a right to rectify Your Data in the event of any errors and, subject to providing proof of legitimate and compelling grounds in accordance with the GDPR, a right to restriction of processing and a right to object to the collection of Your Data. However, in both of these scenarios, the exercising of these rights does not negate the previous validity of the processing. You also have a right to erase your personal data.
Note that PAKAZCHAM is legally authorised to store and continue to process certain personal data even when you have exercised your rights to object or erasure, based on compelling legitimate grounds such as compliance with the applicable legislation and GDPR.

Security Of Your Data

The personal data collected by PAKAZCHAM are processed by it, in its capacity as the controller, in accordance with data protection legislation. PAKAZCHAM undertakes to put in place the technical and organisational security measures required to protect Your Data.

Storage Period For Your Data

PAKAZCHAM stores Your Data for as long as necessary to comply with its legal and regulatory requirements or to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected.