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About us

About us

The aim of Economic Cooperation Chamber is to promote Business

The Pakistan Azerbaijan Economic Cooperation Chamber (“PAKAZCHAM”) has a wide business remit to develop bilateral trade between Pakistan and Azerbaijan. PAKAZCHAM’s remit is to facilitate, acting as an intermediary, bringing together businesses and entrepreneurs, professional advisers and government agencies in Azerbaijan, Pakistan and other jurisdictions to develop bilateral trade. PAKAZCHAM is committed to host trade events and networking opportunities across the Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

PAKAZCHAM also proposes to organise trade missions to Pakistan and Azerbaijan with appropriate industry focus on a regular basis with the objective of promoting Pakistan and Azerbaijan as safe havens for doing business. PAKAZCHAM is financially supported mainly from annual subscriptions from members and from grants from partners and stakeholders.

PAKAZCHAM was established in 2021 by the Founding Members with the support of H.E. Ambassador of Pakistan Bilal Hayee and Minister of Economy Mikayil Jabbarov and Minister of Justice Fikrat Mammadov Farrukh oglu as both the Azerbaijan and Pakistan governments committed to support PAKAZCHAM in delivering its remit.
The aim of the PAKAZCHAM is to promote durable ways to build the Pakistan-Azerbaijan commercial relationship and to increase bilateral trade and to promote the perception of both countries as a good and safe haven for carrying on business.

Legal representative of PAKAZCHAM is Azer Akbarov and it is initially chaired by Khurram Javaid Bhatti. Following are the founding members:


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Aims & Objectives

• Promotion of Bilateral Trade & Investment
• Promotion Of Business and Commerce
• Promotion of the Perception of Pakistan
• Secure Deliverables

Our Mission

To promote and expand trade and investments between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, including raising perception of Pakistan and Azerbaijan as good and safe countries for investment.

To support and promote systematised and sustainable expansion of inter-country economic relations and investments based on principles of equality, partnership and mutual respect

To support education and intellectual development of innovating thinking talent who will contribute to fostering business ties between the two countries

To work closely with other Pakistani and Azerbaijani business chambers for promoting common business interests and offering them memberships.

Benefits for Members

Pakistan culturally, geographically and strategically enjoys very special ties with Azerbaijan. With this in mind, it is the objective of PAKAZCHAM to further strengthen these ties through its membership.

PAKAZCHAM membership offers your business:

  • Business networking opportunities. This also includes arranging B2B meetings between Pakistani and Azerbaijani corporates for exploring potential business prospects;
  • Assisting Azerbaijani and Pakistani investors / businesses in country entry and advocacy through protection and promotion of our members’ interests;
  • Assisting in identifying opportunities to Pakistani corporates to either setup business ventures in Azerbaijan or to export their goods and services to Azerbaijan and, similarly, to
  • Azerbaijani businesses to establish a business in Pakistan or to export to Pakistan;
    Azerbaijan and Pakistan country entry general info materials and newsletters made available to members;
  • Maintaining a platform for building a constructive dialogue between Azerbaijani and Pakistani investors with regulatory bodies of the both countries;
  • Committee membership to lobby and promote industry interests;
  • Publicity boosts as two countries are keen to further strengthen business ties;
  • Events: conferences, seminars, exhibitions, receptions, including supporting members’ events, etc.;
  • Arranging and hosting business delegations from and to Pakistan and Azerbaijan.